We certainly receive a lot of calls asking about renting pink party buses for bachelorette parties. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that bachelorette parties are the most popular reason to rent a hot pink limo bus! And why wouldn't they be? A bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime experience, a wild celebration of being a woman before you tie the knot and settle down... though those who rent pink party buses know that committing to the one you love doesn't have to mean settling down! If anything, it's a good reason to live it up and enjoy yourself even more. And what better way to do so than in a pink party bus?

   When you're throwing the ultimate bachelorette party, you want to travel to all the exciting destinations that your area has to offer. The definition of exciting is different for everyone. For some women, an out-of-control night at the bars and dance clubs is just what the doctor ordered. For others, a day of soaking and pampering at the spa while sipping bubbly is the perfect pre-wedding escape. Still others may prefer a day of shopping and dining, perhaps visiting a wine bar or two along the way.

   With so many different types of bachelorette parties to choose from, you may think there couldn't be one perfect mode of transportation, but we'd venture to say that a pink party bus is perfect for all occasions. The comfort and luxury is unparalleled, and since you found us, you can guarantee yourself a lower price than anyone else is paying.

   No worries about drunk driving or designated drivers... no filling up the tank... no beating traffic... no finding a parking spot or paying for parking. You'll be surprised how much more time there is in your day of bachelorette party celebrations when you remove all those tedious and mundane chores. The companies that we have connections with are the ones that can give you the easiest and most relaxing time on the road... a real escape from the everyday grind, which is just what you need pre-wedding!

   If you know how to party and you want to have a sensational time with all your girlfriends for your bachelorette party, get in touch with us asap regarding those plans. We've networked with all of the companies who rent pink party buses in the entire country, and through the owners of those businesses we have set up special deals that give you a lower cost than you could possibly get elsewhere.

   All of this means that your bachelorette party can be as exciting and luxurious as you have dreamed of while costing you less than you imagined, thus leaving more money to spend on your wedding. You can take a look at the areas that we currently have pink party bus contacts in right here. No matter where you are, Pink Party Buses is the nationwide company that can take care of you locally.

When you're ready to call us about your pink party bus bachelorette party, you can reach us at 555-555-5555 or email us at

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