Pink Party Buses | Other Hot Events

Though most our customers' calls are regarding bachelorette parties and girls night out, we also get a good number of requests for the following events. Have you got any of the below celebrations coming up that would be just perfect for pink party bus travel? Take a look and give us a call if you do.


& other school dances

Teenagers want to have fun traveling to prom and homecoming parties. Parents just want them to get there safely. With a pink party bus, your teens get to enjoy a great night out and you'll enjoy peace of mind and a worry-free night while their teens are out.

sweet 16

for all ages

Another popular celebration for the pink party bus is sweet sixteen parties and teen birthday parties, and the real convenience here is that you don't have to worry about any reckless teenage driving, and if the party is at your home, the bus serves as extra party space!


& anniversary parties

Many choose one of our white limo buses for their weddings and anniversary parties, but if you're the type who loves a splash of color, a pink party bus can be a fun and lighthearted choice that you and your entire bridal party will enjoy.

lgbtqia+ events
Gay Pride Events

& LGBT Celebrations

Pink party buses are popular among the LGBT community. Our pink party buses are an enormous hit at gay pride events as well. Plus, draping a gorgeous rainbow banner across a pink party bus is always an excellent touch.

breast cancer charity event
Charity Events

& Fund Raisers

If you're participating in a charity walk for breast cancer, a pink party bus is a wonderful idea. It gets attention and brings more people to the cause, and the bus itself is a great place to rest after all that walking!

Bachelorette parties

& girls' nights

Of course bachelorette parties and girls' nights are among our most popular events! You're guaranteed to have an unforgettable night on the town in a pink party bus! Call us today for bookings!

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