"I stumbled upon the Pink Party Buses site completely by accident when I was looking for a limousine company in my area for my best friend's bachelorette party, and I thought, Why not? A pink party bus seemed perfect for her. I called this company up and within ten minutes they had connected me with a local party bus company who had a gorgeous pink party bus for us. We got an amazing deal and saved so much money, and my friend absolutely loved her party. What an excellent service this company provides. I recommend them very highly."

- Meg in Washington, D.C.

   "I have rented a lot of party buses in my day, but I was having a difficult time finding a pink one for a girls night out that my friends and I were planning. I had called every party bus company in my local area, or so I thought. A friend told me to try going to the Pink Party Buses site and call them up, and I almost didn't even bother because I thought there were no pink party buses around here! I'm glad I made the call. Somehow they found two local companies that had just the kind of bus I was looking for, and that same day I put down a deposit and locked down service for the date of my party. It was probably the least hassle I've ever had with any company. So easy. Very highly recommended!"

- Wendi in Detroit

   "I needed a pink party bus for a breast cancer event in Tucson, and I honestly had no idea where to start. I'd never rented a party bus before. Having recently gone into remission and with so many things on my mind, I was feeling overwhelmed. I just wanted to find a bus quickly and make the arrangements without any complications. A quick internet search led me to this Pink Party Buses site, and one quick email later I was presented with a super low rate from a local company. Happy doesn't even describe it! I was elated. The event was a huge success. We raised so much money for the organization and had a lot of fun doing it too. It happened to be the perfect way to celebrate my survival, and the pink ribbons we put all over the pink party bus were both meaningful and beautiful. Thank you, Pink Party Buses. You helped us make a difference."

- Blanche in Tucson

   "My teenage daughter's prom was fast approaching and she had her heart set on a pink limo bus. I'd been dealing with an unusually heavy workload and hadn't had a chance to call around to get a good price. I was worried that all the local companies would be booked, and they were. I called Pink Party Buses and asked them if they could help me out, and somehow they were able to locate a company that wasn't too far away that had a pink party bus that we could rent. I was impressed with their help on such short notice, and would definitely call them up again in the future if I needed to rent any color party bus. They've got the insider info that nobody else does."

- Mark in Chicago

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