Without question, girls night out is one of the most popular reasons to rent a pink party bus, perhaps second only to bachelorette parties. When a group of girlfriends want to get together and hit all their favorite hotspots, there is no better mode of transportation. You'll feel incredibly cool as you cruise down those familiar highways to your favorite destinations, enjoying all kinds of yummy alcoholic beverages and snacks that you have brought with you and stocked in the pink party bus bars with built-in coolers.

   Though you'll likely be drinking and noshing on the bus, don't forget to save some room for the drinks at your favorite bars, nightclubs, and pubs! These pink party buses each have their own professional chauffeur who will take you to whatever destinations you desire and drop you off right at the door like a movie star. You won't have to find a parking spot or pay for parking, nor will you have to worry about tipping a valet. You'll always be able to come back out and chill in your pink party bus at any time during the evening, and you can jet off to a new and exciting destination whenever you please.

   If you're not a fan of the crowds at the bars, you might even want to just drive around all evening enjoying the sights and sounds of your city. You'll have the ultimate privacy within the bus thanks to our dark tinted windows, and you can watch all your favorite movies or even watch some music videos on the flat screen televisions with DVD players. Some buses even have brand new HD antennas that can pull in a live signal when the bus is parked, which is excellent for watching big events like sports without having to find a good view in a crowded sports bar.

   There's plenty of space to dance and even get a little crazy on the stripper pole if you've imbibed enough alcohol and if the mood strikes you! Some girls head to a pole dancing workout class early in the day to learn a few moves so they can have even more fun on the bus later that night! That's a fun way to burn off some calories and have an amazing time while doing it. Don't forget to bring some CDs or your iPod, MP3 player, or smartphone loaded with all your favorite songs, so you can be the DJ and keep the party moving!

   Perhaps the best thing about renting a pink party bus for your girls night out is that you will be safe and protected while having such a good time. Normally you've got to find a designated driver, and often you find yourself stuck in that position yourself. With renting a party bus, you have a professional chauffeur at your beck and call, so every single person in your party can go wild and enjoy themselves without having to think twice about driving.

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