Indianapolis Pink Party Buses

Luxury rides with all amenities aboard

bus seats and dance pole
bus interior
Polarized interior windows and tv screen

Indy, we're here! Finally, a suitable party bus rental option for all your most exclusive plans. Let us invite you to join this wonderful experience of the new era of transportation services. Come on and meet our catalog, where you'll find all the exclusive models of our unique vehicles for all your special events.Don't worry about the vehicle availability; we're sure we can set up your most wanted option for your event.

Any birthday party is coming soon, and you don't know how to make it different from the old fashion parties? Well, no worries about that; our party buses will make things more manageable. We can take larger groups so you and your friends can enjoy a ride with all the amenities you could imagine and have the sweetest birthday ever. Our chauffeur will take you to the most remarkable places in town while you're having the time of your life with all your mates.

What we're trying to say is that partying has become a little monotonous it's like the same process always, you grab a cab, he takes you to a club, you have some drinks, and then you come home, kind of doll, isn't it? Instead, what do you think if one of our professional drivers picks you up and your friends so all of you can have the club for yourselves while the chauffeur takes you to many different places? Indeed that's a much better way of having a good time and getting you out of the same routine.

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24 Passenger Pink Party Bus

Pink bus exterior
Bus interior amenities

As you can notice, our gorgeous party bus has the latest updates on party bus rentals luxury vehicles, and the nicest part is that it is affordable for everyone! In the past, these kinds of rides were only meant for a specific type of very wealthy people, but now the prices are different. Also, we have outstanding live customer support that will help you with all your doubts and inquiries throughout the process.

In our party bus rentals rides, you'll find unique comfort with our magnificent seats. Don't forget the air conditioning so all of you can be fresh all the time. We also have the latest sound system in business and our Four 42" HDTVs, where you can put all the videos you want so you and your friends have as much fun as possible. Check on our vehicle availability we're sure you'll find the sweetest option.

Party Bus Features Headline

  • Custom seating
  • Four 42" HDTVs
  • Two granite bar tops
  • Built-in coolers
  • Premium stereo
  • 12" subwoofers
  • CD/DVD/iPod player
  • Chrome stripper pole
  • Color Changing LEDs
  • Hardwood floors
  • Tinted windows
  • Cup holders
  • Lighted ceiling
  • Pink exterior

We are ready for you special events

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