Louisville Pink Party Buses

We're very excited to announce that, finally, we have arrived at one of the most incredible cities in America. Yes, indeed, we're talking about you, Louisville, KY. Home of the best boxer of all time, Mr. Mohammad Ali, and also the home of the world's most famous chicken, the unique KFC, and let's not forget about one of the most significant colleges all over the country, the University of Louisville, Kentucky. It's an honor to be in such a magnificent place, and we're sure you will rock with our party buses, as only Kentuckians know.

Are you looking for a fantastic service for one of your events, such as bachelorette party, or birthday party or you just want to have a memorable experience with your best friends? Well, guess what? This is the ideal place for you. Our unique party bus and pink limo rentals are beyond the limits of fun! In our rides, you'll find a fantastic service with many amenities aboard, and the best part is that you will have all of this for a very affordable price. Maybe you can find more options in Louisville, KY, but nothing can compare to our terrific service, and you can believe that!

This experience is unique! You can check the surveys from past customers that enjoy the experience all over the Louisville area and see what we're referring to. This service is sensational! The coolest part is that it has no age restriction. We can help you with child events, sweet 16s, prom parties, and more. The next level of business transportation has arrived. Will you let it pass?

24 Passenger Pink Party Bus

Pink bus interior
Bus interior

The best features in the most excellent vehicles

As you can see, we're not kidding when we say these are the most remarkable rides in the transportation business. In our limo service and party bus, you'll find certain features that will blow up your mind! We have the ultimate sound system and four 42" HDTVs so you and your friends can enjoy all your favorite music and reproduce your favorite videos. Let's not forget about our distinctive tinted windows, privacy is essential for any event; we are aware of that, you won't find similar technologies anywhere else!

  • custom seating
  • four 42" HDTVs
  • two granite bar tops
  • built-in coolers
  • premium stereo
  • 12" subwoofers
  • CD/DVD/iPod player
  • chrome stripper pole
  • color changing LEDs
  • hardwood floors
  • tinted windows
  • cup holders
  • lighted ceiling
  • pink exterior

Planning a friends bachelorette party ?

We would love to have you and your closest friends on an unforgettable guys night out. Our professional chauffeur will provide all of you an amazing service and drive you to the most fabulous nightclubs all over town so you and your mates can say that you had the time of your lives. We also know the most superheated places in town in case you ladies wish to have a wild girls night, so it's up to you. Please make up your mind and reach us as soon as possible!

Our limo service is a unique chance to have the perfect wedding day aboard our extraordinary pink limousine, your wife will be delighted with that magical touch for the evening, and you guys will be the sensation among all your friends. Also, all your friends' social media will be filled with pictures of you two and the pink limo behind you. There's something cuter than that?

Aboard our rides, there's happiness for all ages. We can have all sorts of events such as sweet 16s, quinceaneras, and even kids birthday parties. We will have onboard their best friends so they can say mom and dad are the bests! There's no safer experience than our party bus and limo rental, primarily when we refer to teens and kids.

No other ways to have fun !

Once you try our Louisville party bus or limo service, you will love it! Trust us, do not hesitate, and make that call! Our customer service team will be there for you; they'll offer you a deal with free quotes and a very affordable price. Come here and make real your dreamy plans.